ShotMapper Deluxe

New Generation Video introduced ShotMapper at a price of $99.95 -- less than $100.. But now that we are shipping, the price is $124.95. So what gives?

For $124.95, we are offering ShotMapper Deluxe. The prototype ShotMappers that we showed earlier had an attached microphone that could be positioned as required by the position of the camcorder's microphone input. ShotMapper Deluxe features either a straight microphone or a right-angle microphone (see photos) to accommodate different camcorders. The microphone is detachable, allowing you to substitute your own microphone.

Secondly, ShotMapper Deluxe is packaged in a foam-cushioned field case. The case is made with "pick and pluck" foam so that the extra space may be customized for your own items, such as DV tapes or a GPS receiver.



Whether you have seen ShotMapper at Videomaker Expo, have seen it mentioned on the web, have seen the data sheet, or have just found your way to this site, this is the place to find the information on ShotMapper -- the product that answers the question

"Where was that shot?"

  Just what is ShotMapper?

A combination of hardware and software that uses an external GPS receiver to locate where DV video was shot.



For all the information on ShotMapper, see the ShotMapper page in the Products section.

We are now shipping ShotMapper Deluxe for $124.95 (plus shipping and handling). You may order ShotMapper from the Ordering page

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