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We are in the midst of a revolution which is changing video production much as a slightly earlier revolution changed printing and imaging. From consumers to professionals, Videomakers are finding that capabilities that used to require a roomful of equipment costing as much as a house, and more recenty a state-of-the-art computer now come on a smartphone.  High-quality videos can be produced in the back seat of a car while returning from vacation.

New Generation Video was formed to make use of the astonishingnew capabilities to
produce engineering-level video material on high-technology subjects. Those involved in our productions -- on-camera, behind the camera, and in post-production -- have many years of experience in the high technology industry.

ur experience enables us to integrate technical knowledge, programming knowledge, and video knowledge to create video tools. We believe that these tools, available for Windows® platforms, are unique in the industry.

New Generation Video is located in the high-technology "silicon forest" to the west of Portland, Oregon.

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