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ShotMapper Hardware Details

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The ShotMapper hardware includes:

GPS-to-audio converter.  The input connects to the DB-9 connector on the GPS receiver’s data cable.  The line-level audio output can feed a LINE audio input directly.  For use with an external microphone input, connect to the ShotMapper cable assembly.

Cable assembly.
 Converts the line-level signal into a microphone-level signal for use with the camcorder’s external microphone input.  It includes a jack for connecting a microphone to record single-channel audio. (The GPS data is on the other channel.)

Microphone.  ShotMapper is available either with a straight microphone for camcorders with the externaal microphone jack on the front, or a right-angle microphone for camcorders with the jack on the side.

Headphone adapter.  Allows the single-channel audio recoded by ShotMapper to be monitored on both channels of stereo headphones.  The GPS audio signal is blocked.


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